Musicalstars im Steinbruch

Dienstag, 10 August 2021 um 20:00

Steinbruch St. Margarethen, Römersteinbruch 1, Austria, St. Margarethen im Burgenland, 7602


You all know them from the most famous musicals of the last decades. But now they are all together on one stage for the first time:

Ana Milva Gomes, Mark Seibert, Maya Hakvoort, Lukas Perman, Marjan Shaki, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal, Missy May, Roberta Valentini and Tertia Botha!

An unforgettable evening, with hits from the most renowned musicals - Elisabeth, Mozart!, Bodyguard, Dance of the Vampires, The Lion King, Evita and many many more.

Be enchanted by the talented cast, romantic musical melodies and fast-paced world hits. With impressive costumes by star designer Niko Niko and under the musical direction of none other than Herbert Pichler. The imposing ambience of the St. Margarethen quarry does the rest for this open-air spectacle.

This unique ensemble is supported by the 100-member Landeschor Burgenland.

For more information and tickets, please go to:


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