Vincent van Gogh

Freitag, 17 September 2021 um 19:30

Stadttheater Gmunden, Austria, Theatergasse 7, Gmunden, 4810

VINCENT VAN GOGH - THE MUSICAL (Austrian premiere)

Music by Gisle Kverndokk / Libretto by Øystein Wiik / Idea and adaptation by Inger Schjoldager and Øystein Wiik / German translation by Siegfried Weibel

The musical tells the exciting as well as turbulent life of the painter Vincent van Gogh, who could hardly sell a painting during his lifetime, while today his works are constantly breaking new price records. Driven by his emotions, the exceptional artist and visionary - Van Gogh - goes through situations in which happiness and dramatic setbacks are closely tied together. Repeated failure in society and his own inner turmoil may have been the driving force behind his unique, creative work. The special luminosity of his paintings also shows what courage to live there must have been within.

Vincent van Gogh is still one of the most interesting and complex figures in the history of art, around whom various myths entwine. The Dutch painter and draftsman is considered one of the founders of modern painting. His major work, stylistically classified as Post-Impressionism, exerted a strong influence on subsequent artists, especially the Fauves and the Expressionists.

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