The Woman in White / Die Frau in Weiss

Freitag, 24 Juni 2022 um 19:30

Stadttheater Fürth, Königstr. 116, Fürth, 90762


(German Premiere - Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

The Woman in White, loosely based on the English mystery novel by Wilkie Collins, is an exciting family drama about betrayal, intrigue and a great love. "Andrew Lloyd Webber's best composition in years," wrote the London Guardian. Its unmistakable melodies and the Victorian family story between tragedy, love and a pinch of comedy make this piece a unique theatrical experience.

Musical Frühling Gmunden will stage the German premiere of this production together with Stadttheater Fürth. Musical Frühling is characterized in particular by an intensive examination of complex themes, an independent creative language, authenticity, as well as first-class musical quality and offers space for creative artistic personalities.

Further infos and tickets for THE WOMAN IN WHITE / DIE FRAU IN WEISS can be found on the following website:

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